2037 Wynnum Road, Wynnum West

Project Number: 1635

Arbor Park is a sixty-seven unique two and three-story townhouse development located in Wynnum West. The townhouses embraced in exquisite displays of flora and fauna, both native and exotic. Arbor Park is best summarised as a garden oasis featuring community barbeques and picnic tables.

Strategic planning and a thoughtfully considered layout, Arbor Park emerges as more than a development, but a community. Named after the plant species featured throughout the landscape, internal streets flow within, affirming a strong sense of place for residents.  Communal space offering ample opportunities for interaction, a strong village atmosphere reverberates through Arbor Park.

This project commenced in August 2020.

Zac Walton is the CA managing this project, his email is zac@rawcorp.com.au.




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2020 Residential Building high rise over 3 storeys up to $20 million

2014 – Commercial Building up to $5 million

2013 – Commercial Building up to $2.5 million

2012 – Refurbishment/renovation up to $5 Million